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Educational Systems Federal Credit Union

Project at a Glance

Industry: Financial Institutions
Services: General Contracting, Construction Management, Preconstruction Services
Size: 3880 SF
Owner: Educational Systems Federal Credit Union
Architect: Zavos Architecture + Design, LLC

First Place Winner of the 2013 Excellence in Construction Award from the Associated Builders & Contractors – Cumberland Valley Chapter


After Morgan-Keller Specialty Contracts Group was hired as the Construction Manager, the team began preconstruction services to enable this project to get through permitting and into the ground.  The early stage obstacles largely stemmed from the site being changed from a restaurant to a financial institution.  Many new factors had to be considered, such as traffic circulation, stacking for the new drive-thru ATM, and the location for a large diesel generator.  In addition, there were numerous meetings with the planning commission, who was committed to keeping the architectural standards of the area in mind, while the team contemplated material, color, and roofline changes to the building.  Morgan-Keller Specialty Contracts Group worked with the local officials, Educational Systems FCU, and the design team to make this process streamlined and timely.  During construction, Morgan-Keller Specialty Contracts Group also worked through weather-related delays to bring this project in on time and as promised.

Morgan-Keller Specialty Contracts Group encountered several locations where the structural column footings and roof-framing members required unforeseen modifications to accommodate the branch’s design.  Morgan-Keller Specialty Contracts Group worked closely with the architect and structural engineer of record to determine the extent of the modifications required.  Additional excavation, existing slab demo, and modifications to the footing design were required to maintain the elevation of the existing concrete slab.  Adding reinforcement, cutting, and removing sections of the existing roof trusses were required to accommodate the architectural and mechanical systems design.

During the construction phase of the project, Morgan-Keller Specialty Contracts Group encountered several locations within the building’s envelope interior that had been exposed to moisture, either by way of the elements entering through the deteriorated existing façade or by way of the incorrect roofing trims and flashing applications.  Following the exposure of a few of these locations by the removal of existing finishes, it was determined by Morgan-Keller Specialty Contracts Group to completely remove all of the interior gypsum board as a precautionary measure.  Upon completing all gypsum board removal, Morgan-Keller Specialty Contracts Group found that nearly 35% of the buildings wall cavities had been exposed to moisture for an extended time frame with the level of exposure varying for each location.  Germination of mold on wall and roof framing, as well as the interior side of the exterior sheathing, was the direct result of this exposure.


Morgan-Keller Specialty Contracts Group proceeded with bringing in a third party environmental testing agency to determine the level of remediation required for the mold.  Once the remediation process was complete, all framing and exterior sheathing that was compromised from the exposure was then replaced.


The Educational Systems Federal Credit Union project located in Prince Frederick, Maryland involved the renovation of an existing 3,880 square foot, single story building that was previously used as a restaurant.  The building is comprised of a wood framed structure, brick and EIFS façade, precast accents, brick pilasters, storefront glazing, a sloped Dutch seam metal roof, and EPDM roofing for flat roof conditions.  Site improvements were necessary to transform the property from a restaurant to a credit union.  A drive-thru ATM and backup generator were added, as well as landscaping, parking, and lighting improvements.  This new branch features a welcoming vestibule leading into a spacious walk-in lobby with accompanying convenience pod stations housing TCR units, a greeter station, three offices staffed with member service representatives, greeter workroom, manager office, storage, break room, restrooms, and a large conference room.  This facility’s construction involved the use of current building materials and components coupled with a brand oriented design and finishes, which provide the client with an attractive energy-conscious facility. Morgan-Keller Specialty Contracts Group acted as the Construction Manager for this project, which included A&E firm selections, all facets of permitting, and coordination of all construction activities - including all owner selected vendors and suppliers - making this an effortless and stress-free project for the owner.

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